Research on diagnosis Job Market Needs

The project of OP Special Management Service Central Greece is the study for the diagnosis of job market needs in Central Greece and the development and operation of a permanent regional mechanism for the diagnosis of work regional market needs, tailored to the specificities and its data region.

The main aim of the study is to identify dynamic sectors and professions (data request) and the characteristics of the unemployed (supply data) in the Region.

This online electronic questionnaire designed to the identify all critical issues of the field research and involves both the required fields of the methodology of the National Institute of Labour and Human Resources (EIEAD) and data directly related to economic development, social responsibility and business problems in Central Greece. By collecting these data will be a holistic approach to job needs and a mapping of trends in productive sectors of the microeconomics of the Region.

The main topics of investigation of field research are vacancies, the dynamism of the company and the industry and the (horizontal) skills. The questions on skills relating to populous specialty of each company and another specialty which the operator regards as important for the functioning of the business. The survey aims to meet the enterprises of all economic activity. The sampling will be done on the basis of three criteria: industry, region and company size.

The information you provide is strictly confidential and will only be used to extract critical findings and statistics for the study.


Filling questionnaire

To complete the questionnaire press here to create a account of your business using a valid email address (e-mail). After completing the registration you will automatically log in to fill out the profile of your business and the aforementioned questionnaire.